Category: Handyman's Tips

Category: Handyman’s Tips

5 Times You’ll Wish You Had A Pressure Washer Handy

Many homeowners tackle daily home improvement chores fairly successfully with the rubber garden hose – but a day will come where the hose just won’t cut it. Even though hoses come with sprayer attachments, they may not always be fast or strong enough when certain jobs arise. Although hoses are an easy, low-risk resort for small jobs around the house and yard, pressure washers have advantages that hoses don’t: Read More

How To Clean Plastic And Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture

Parties and other special occasions bring people together. So, if you want to catch up with your family or friends, you should consider organizing an intimate outdoor event or maybe a family barbeque. There are however a few challenges that come with planning a yard or garden party, and one is getting all your lawn or patio furniture clean. Unlike indoor sofas and tables that are protected from the elements, outdoor items are exposed to the sun and rain. These get muddy when there is a downpour, and some become discolored due to bird droppings, molds or deposits. So, how do you prepare your outdoor chairs and tables for a special event? Read on for some tips. Read More