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Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

Even if you have a daily or weekly bathroom cleaning routine you should give it a deep clean few times a year. And when better to start than with bathroom spring cleaning.

Quick clean up

First do a quick bathroom clean up; taking the trash away and putting dirty laundry in the basket rather than having it scattered on the floor. Check all your products in cupboards or in the shower whether they are just empty bottles taking up a space or if you even use them.

Dusting and cleaning surfaces

Start with the ceiling and looking out for cobwebs. You may need to wash the walls if they are dirty or if you have mouldy ceiling. Dust and wipe clean vents and fans. Light fixtures can be taken down, washed gently and dried before replacing. If you have blinds or curtains, take them down and wash them, clean the windows and windowsills.

Scrubbing shower and bathtub

De-scale fixtures and shower screens, wash your shower curtain or replace it with a new one. Clean any soap scum, dirt with commercial cleaners. Steam cleaning your shower would be great to deeply clean the tiles and grout and get rid of germs.

Descaling shower head

You’ll need a sandwich bag filled with white wine vinegar. Place the shower head inside the bag, tie it and make sure the shower head is submerged in the vinegar solution. Leave overnight for best results.

Cleaning grouting

You can use baking soda and an old toothbrush to clean bathroom grouting. In a bowl mix baking soda and hot water and then dip the toothbrush in and scrub the grouting.

Scrubbing the toilet

Clean the handle, crevices on the outside and underneath the toilet. Use bleach or toilet limescale remover to clean the inside of the toilet bowl using toilet brush and good old elbow grease.

You could use baking soda and white wine vinegar solution if you are looking for more eco-friendly cleaning option. In a bowl mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of white wine vinegar and then pour the solution into the toilet bowl. Let it fizz up and leave for about 15 minutes. Using a toile brush scrub the toilet bowl and then flush.

Sanitise toilet brush

Probably the least favourite cleaning job in the bathroom but it has to be done. Spray the brush holder with white wine vinegar. Fill the toilet brush holder with vinegar and leave the brush to soak overnight.

To keep your toilet brush smelling fresh add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil into a small amount of water and pour into the toilet brush holder. Change the solution every month.

Cleaning bathroom taps

If you see a build up of limescale you can use a 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar in a sandwich bag that you secure around the taps with an elastic band. For best results leave overnight for limescale free taps.

Cleaning drains and u-bends

Sink, bath and shower drains can get clogged up with hair, beauty products and toothpaste. You don’t need litres of chemicals to clean the drains. Mix 200g of baking soda, 500ml white wine vinegar and a cup of boiling water. First, boil a full kettle and then pour all the boiling water down the plughole. Then pour in your baking soda and white wine vinegar solution. Leave for at least 30 minutes and then use the water from the tap or shower to flush through.

Sanitise bathroom bins

Once you removed the rubbish, give the bins a good clean inside and outside. To keep them smelling fresh spray the inside with essential oil.

Washing and sterilising bath toys

The fastest way to wash plastic bath toys is to put them in the dishwasher.

Washing bath mats

Don’t forget to wash the bath mats in the washing machine.

Cleaning light fixtures and switches

Wipe down all light switches and outlet covers with microfiber cloth sprayed with vinegar.

Cleaning bathroom vents and fans

Take care when removing the vent and fan covers. Use soapy water to wash them in and then wipe down the fan blades. Then put the covers back.

Floor Cleaning

Hoover and then mop the floor, the best way is to get on your hands and knees to clean the floor really well.

Do not use vinegar on marble or granite.

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