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Oven cleaning Surrey

Oven, cooker, hobs and extractor cleaning services in Surrey

Oven cleaning services in Woking, Farnham, Farnborough, Camberley, Weybridge, Guildford, Fleet, Wokingham Surrey and Hampshire area. Oven cleaning is perhaps the most irritating of kitchen cleaning tasks. Sitting on your knees on the kitchen floor, scrubbing at baked-on grease and grime… It could be a bit more glamorous, right? We can steam clean your oven, grills, hobs, extractor and even BBQ. And the great thing is that we do not charge extra for cleaning your cooker hobs. Our oven cleaning service starts from just £55.

Get a sprakling oven

Oven cleaning, hob cleaning, you can count on us to return your sticky, messy cooker to a shining, gleaming cooking station where you can gladly get stuck in… For a very reasonable price!

Affordable prices

So instead of sitting down on the floor to get the cleaning done, call our cleaning service company and get a quote. You’re sure to be amazed at our prices and our dedication when our professional cleaners nip round to get your cooker shining and clean again. Cooking will once again become a treat!

Cooker, hobs

Let us know if you would like to have your cooker and hobs cleaned using high quality products for perfect finish.


Whether you need to change or professionally clean the filter in your extractor we have all the equipment necessary.


Ovens we clean

Our oven cleaners can clean single and double ovens including 60cm standrad range, 90cm range and also 100cm+ range ovens. Get in touch if you need to have your microwave, combi oven or BBQ cleaned.

  • 60cm Single Oven & Hobs £55
  • 60cm Double Oven & Hobs £65
  • 90cm Single Oven & Hobs £75
  • 90cm Double Oven & Hobs £85
  • 100cm+ 2 Ovens & Hobs £95
  • Extractor £25
  • Microwave £25
  • Combi Oven £25
  • BBQ Set £75