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The kitchen is probably the most diseased, putrid place in all of your home! This is because we cook our food, we are constantly feeding little tiny microorganisms that prey on the food crumbs we leave behind and let me say, that unless something is done about it, and quick, you can be looking at a full blown epidemic, the likes of which can devastate the health and wellbeing of you and your family!

Cleaning The Kitchen

There are a lot of way by which we can clean our kitchens. Of course here we are going to discuss only the fastest, most reliable ones, that have been tested time and time again.

The Ceiling

We will start off by cleaning the ceiling, especially the corners, of any cob webs, dust etc. It is important to start from top to bottom, so don’t worry about stuff falling on the floor or your counters, for we are going to take care of that in just a second.

The Cooker And Other Kitchen Appliances

The oven along with the stoves should be taken care of ASAP! It is a good idea to get some help when cleaning the cooker. The idea is to get behind it as well! The fact that you can’t see the dirt doesn’t mean it’s not there! So get someone to help you move the cooker so you can get the back and of course, under! Same goes for dishwashers, garbage disposal units etc. Use conventional detergents and bleach to make sure that all bacteria have been taken care of properly.

The Kitchen Counter and The Cabinets

This includes all kitchen surfaces, as well as sinks, cabinets, tables etc. Just be sure to remove any kitchen utensils that might be in the way first. Soap and maybe some bleach as well will work wonders on almost any kitchen surface, although persistent stains should be treated accordingly. The sink, being the most troublesome place to clean, should be your number one priority. Be sure to give it a nice polishing after you are done!

The Floor

The floor is where it all goes down, the food at least. Assuming that you have already cleaned behind everything that is not mounted to the wall, it is time to clean the rest as well. Get a bucket with some warm water, and again pour about one cup of bleach into the solution. Get a broom and sweep the premise thoroughly. Now that your floor lacks any big chunks of dirt, you can proceed to mopping the floor with your bleach solution. I personally like to mop at least two times, just to make sure that I have gotten each and every last microbe there is. Also, remember to clean the windows, light bulbs, rubbish bins etc.

The Kitchen Utensils

Now that our kitchen is nice and clean, we can proceed to cleaning the kitchen utensils as well. Espresso makers, pots, pans, juicers, blenders, kitchen robots etc. Just be careful when dealing with electric appliances, for if you get them wet and soapy, there is a big possibly that they will short-circuit once you plug them into the grid.

Final Thoughts

Once your kitchen looks nice and new you can reflect as to how much time it was necessary for you to get all that work done! You can then designate specific dates as to make the whole thing easier in the future. For example you can do the ceiling on Monday and the kitchen appliances on Tuesday.

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