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Yes, even your washing machine needs to be cleaned every now and then. If you want to prevent limescale building up, kill germs and bad odours then read on to find out how to clean your washing machine.

The detergent drawer

A haven for germs, encrusted washing powder and mould. If possible, remove the entire drawer and clean it using an old toothbrush and domestic cleaner or soapy water. Clean the drawer cavity too, your clothes will feel fresher instantly.

The filter

The filter protects your washing machine’s pump by stopping lint, stray tissues, coins and general dirt. It’s a great place for germs and thanks to the warmth and humidity an ideal breeding ground for bad smells. To keep it clean, empty the filter regularly, removing fluff and dirt gathered inside.

The drum

Your drum’s cracks and holes are favourite with germs. Every couple of months run an empty wash at least 60 degrees. To make sure you kill germs, remove bad smells and prevent soap scum and limescale build up you can use soda crystals or dishwasher tablets.

The door seal

The rubber seal is a place where excess detergent and dirt can collect and build up. Over time it can turn into mould which is difficult to remove. Wipe it regularly with a damp cloth.

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