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Are you new to the world of end of tenancy cleaning and need to know what it is, why you need it and what it includes? We explain all in this article.

What is end of tenancy cleaning?

When you rent a flat or house and decide to move out, it needs to be professionally cleaned before the new tenants move in. End of tenancy cleaning is also referred to as moving out cleaning, tenancy cleaning or deep cleaning.

Cleanliness of rented properties is the leading cause of deposit disputes between landlords and tenants.

Do I need end of tenancy cleaning?

Most tenancy agreements state that the property needs to be professionally cleaned at the end of tenancy and that a receipt from a cleaning company will be required. If you don’t have the property professionally cleaned and not provide the receipt for proof of the work carried out, the cost of professional clean will be deducted from your deposit.

Landlords or estate agents have the right to deduct the cost of professional cleaning from your deposit.

What’s included in end of tenancy cleaning?

Hiring a professional cleaning company to just clean the property is not going to cut it. You need to state you are after end of tenancy cleaning. Inventory clerks follow strict cleaning checklists and even if you rent privately your landlord may have his/her own end of tenancy checklist.

End of tenancy cleaning should include the following (among other things):

  • front door
  • oven, cooker and extractor
  • inside and outside of kitchen cupboards
  • inside and outside of fridge/freezer
  • under and behind furniture
  • light switches, skirting boards
  • limescale on taps and tiles
  • carpets
  • curtains

What’s the price for end of tenancy cleaning?

The price depends on size of the property and if you need carpets, upholstery of windows cleaned too. We offer a range of end of tenancy packages starting from just £185.

Can I do end of tenancy clean myself?

Although you are perfectly capable of cleaning your property spotlessly, we wouldn’t recommend doing end of tenancy cleaning yourself. Your landlord or inventory clerk use strict cleaning checklists and don’t forget you may have to show a receipt and proof of having the property professionally cleaned. Don’t risk losing your deposit and find your local end of tenancy cleaning company.

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