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There are many things that can make your fridge unpleasant, but usually it is neglect. Whether you are aware of it or not, the main cause of a smelly or dirty fridge is people not realizing that their fridge is in need of cleaning, and leaving it until it is too late, and the smell has already become an issue. Of course, some times these smells are unavoidable, simply because they are caused by smelly foods like cheese! In these cases, there are less drastic measures that you can take, but nonetheless, is essential that you

clean your fridge out fairly regularly, so that you do not end up with issues that could affect your food and therefore your well being. Have a look over the following hints and tips to ensure that your fridge is kept in tip top condition!

You will find that general upkeep of the fridge will prevent you having to do full on cleans too often. This simply means sorting out any mess immediately, so if you spill something, or notice a little dirt or staining, wipe it up straight away, and you should find that it does not become an issue. The main culprit for getting in the way in these cases is milk. You will find that because milk is white, it is fairly well camouflaged within the fridge, and this means that it can go unnoticed, and turn sour, sticking the fridge out. If this happens, then you will notice a distinctly cheesy odor when you open the fridge, that can affect the whole room! You obviously need to avoid this happening in the first place, but if it does take place, then it can be hard to get rid of. Keeping a bowl of baking soda, or a lemon skin full of salt will suck up certain odors, so that your fridge generally remains fresh, but some stronger smells will not be disguised, and will need cleaning properly!

Start by taking the shelves out of the fridge, and dunking them in a sink of hot water and washing up liquid. Because of the nature of the materials in the fridge, and the lack of dried on staining, washing up liquid can be used to easily clean the whole thing. You will find that leaving the shelves soaking for five minutes will loosen any dried on food, and degrease the surfaces pretty quickly, so once you have laid them in the sink, turn your attention back to the fridge itself. Lather up a sponge or cloth with washing up liquid, or surface cleaner, and wipe the inside of the fridge down, with generous amounts of cleaner. You will find that this surface covering works in much the same way as the shelves in the sink. Leave the foam in place, and go back to the shelves. Scrub down the shelves, getting rid of any dirt and grease, so that they are shiny and new looking, and towel them down. Leaving them to dry you can go to the fridge and do exactly the same. You may need to go over the job twice, to ensure that you get rid of absolutely all the dirt. Rinsing the fridge of any residue soap is essential as otherwise the soap could get on food, which would make it taste disgusting. Use a regularly rinsed flannel to remove soap residue from the surface of the inside of the fridge, and re-insert the shelves when you are happy that the job is done.

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