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Whether you are working from home office or a large purpose built office building, having a clean working space reflects professionalism on can boost morale.

Even if you have your office cleaned in the spring you should think about having it cleaned before summer begins. The weather in summer increases dust, dirt and humidity and the need to clean your office.

Cleaning office desks, tables and countertops

In summer, pollen together with allergens and dust easily settles on flat surfaces and can cause hay fever. To avoid this you should disinfect all your flat surfaces regularly, paying extra attention to kitchen and bathroom surfaces as they attract germs the most.

Cleaning office floors and carpets

Summer is the perfect time to deeply clean your office wooden or carpeted floors. Dust and pollen particles stay in the carpet; up to 1kg or dirt per square metre. Regular hoovering itself keeps them looking clean but doesn’t remove all the particles. Having your office carpets cleaned professionally is the answer. And in the summer they will dry faster thanks to the warm weather. Wooden floor should be cleaned with wood cleaner and polished.

Cleaning office chairs and sofas

If your business has a waiting or reception area or a lobby you should have your sofas and chairs cleaned. Having a clean, bright and fresh smelling furniture will surely make a great first impression on your clients and customers.

Cleaning office window blinds, curtains and drapes

Curtains, window blinds and drapes are notorious for attracting dirt, dust and pollutants. Blinds can be cleaned with a damp cloth but having your drapes and curtains cleaned requires a professional cleaner. They will have the right equipment and products to remove any stains and dirt.

Cleaning office windows

As summer showers leave your office outside windows streaked and spotted, getting them sparkle again is easy by hiring a window cleaner. They have the equipment to clean high up windows and can clean the windows inside too.

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