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Although Halloween is a great fun, the day after is for most of us quite messy with smashed pumpkins, candy stains, glitter and all sorts of Halloween decorations left behind.

Don’t worry though as our cleaners can offer best cleaning tips for cleaning up after Halloween. All you’ll need is soap and water.

1. How to clean fake blood or melted chocolate

Whether you or your kids dripped fake blood – ketchup on a sofa or carpet; or you have some melted chocolate on it always remember to act as soon as possible.

  • Using cold or warm water soak up any excess liquid by blotting first with kitchen paper towel or clean cloth (tip: never use cold or hot water)
  • Scrape off any excess solids
  • Rub a tiny bit of liquid detergent onto the stain and work your way from the outside of the stain in
  • Blot with water to remove the soap; repeat if necessary

2. How to remove toilet paper, shaving cream or silly string

Outdoor decorations such as toilet paper or shaving cream should be also cleaned as soon as you can. Remove all the paper from the bushes by hand. Outdoor furniture can be hosed down to wash away any shaving cream. Silly string can be removed using soap and water.

3. How to clean up pumpkins

If your pumpkins got smashed, pick up the pieces first and hose down everything else. For dried pumpkin use a spoon to scrape it off and then scrub  using water with dishwashing liquid.

4. How to remove glitter

Glitter can be hovered from your carpets quite easily. For glitter that is stuck to tables or walls; use soap and water to clean it.

5. How to remove candle wax on the carpets

Never try to remove hot wax from carpeting. Not only can you burn yourself, but you’ll likely spread the wax, making a bigger mess.

When the wax has cooled, break it with a dull knife or Popsicle stick. Throw away the pieces.

Cover remaining bits with a paper towel or rag, and press a warm iron to the area. Replace the towel frequently to avoid spreading the wax.

If you are too busy for Halloween cleaning why not book a visit from Surrey Cleaning Angels.

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