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We all know that windows look best when they are regularly cleaned, inside and outside. And now with all the sun, it would be a shame not to have shiny windows and be able to look through them at all the greenery and colourful trees.

You can clean your windows yourself or call a professional window cleaner. We have some tips on how to clean windows, let’s hope you’ll find them useful and try them yourself next time you are cleaning windows.

If you are cleaning the inside and outside of windows at the same time, clean one side with horizontal strokes and the other with vertical so you can then see which side has streaks. For extremely dirty or mouldy windows, we use steam cleaning.

To prevent drips, start cleaning windows at the top and continue to the bottom windows.

Right Tools

Invest a little into buying the right tools for cleaning windows – squeegees, soap and applicators. For you residential property, you can use 12 or 14 inch squeegee, depending on what type of windows you have. With the right tools the job will take half as much.

Clean Scrubber

Whether you use scrubber, lamb’s wool applicator or sponge, always start with a clean one. If you use dirty scrubber or sponge, your windows might stay dirty with smudges. If your house has many windows, clean the scrubber frequently, if your windows are really dirty you may have to clean the scrubber after cleaning each window.

The Sun

If you wash your windows in direct sunlight on a hot day, not that we have many in the UK, it could heat the window glass with the cleaning solution before you can polish it properly and it would be leaving streaks. Window cleaning should be carried out on a cloudy day; we have plenty of those…

Wipe the Blade

You should wipe the rubber blade of your squeegee after each stroke with lint free cloth to avoid leaving blade marks on the glass.

Wipe the Edges

After you clean the whole window, clean the water marks and spots at the edge of the window pane with lint free cloth. To wipe the corners of the window you can try using cotton swab or clean toothbrush. Also wipe the windowsill with a clean cloth.

For Extra Shiny Windows

If you want your windows to be really shiny then polish them with clean cotton cloth or try rubbing a clean blackboard eraser over a freshly cleaned and dried window to get them even shinier. Some people recommend using an old crumple newspaper to polish windows, however not all newspapers are great for polishing windows because they leave ink residue so you should check first on a small area.

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