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You are probably sick and tired from dusting the furniture, floors and decorations of your home every day, and then observe speed dust is being accumulated again just because there is nothing else you could do. However, you need a special strategy if you want to win this constant and unequal battle. We offer you some ideas that will help you deal with dust and dirt at your home, which will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and efforts.

The solution of the household dust problem is to attack its sources. In this case, however, this is impossible, because household dust has many sources. Although you can not eliminate all the factors that cause dust accumulation in your home, you can significantly reduce their impact.

The basic strategy is to “catch” and destroy dust instead of spreading it around the room, or even worse, around the house.

1. Keep the floors, the hallways and the closets easy to clean

All of these areas are particularly prone to gathering a lot of dust, because as you know clothes are a permanent source of fibres and dirt brought from the outside. And when it comes to hallways – these are the places where you are supposed to keep your shoes and coats, which makes them particularly vulnerable to dust accumulations. So, try to keep the floors and these places easy to clean in order to bring no extra dust and dirt in the rest of the house.

Put the shoes in their boxes. The same applies to your accessories. Transparent plastic boxes are ideal for this purpose, because you will be able to see the content of the box at a glance. In addition, always clean your shoes and accessories thoroughly before putting them in a box.

Take away the clothes that you wear rarely. This will prevent them from spreading fibres and dust, especially if you put them in some special cases.

2. Change your bed linen every week

No matter if you believe it or not, your bed is one of the major sources of dust in your bedroom, because it accumulates dead human skin cells, as well as a lot of house dust mites and different fibres. So, in order to minimize the damages, change your bed linen at least once a week, and do not forget to take care of your pillows and blankets, too.

3. Try to “catch” dust and do everything you can in order not to spread it around the room

The conventional cleaning supplies, such as feather dusters and cloths clean the dust, but they also spread a lot of it around the room. However, damp cloths and some special cleaning cloths, such as microfibre towels do a much better job, because they gather dust and retain small particles inside the fabrics.

4. Vacuum clean the carpets regularly

When it comes to dust, carpets are some of the largest reservoirs of dust, especially the thicker ones. Their fibres gather huge amounts of dust and dirt, which are layered there and are spread all around the house the moment you step there. It is a good idea to avoid large rugs and carpets, and replace them with wooden, linoleum or cork flooring.

5. Brush and dust the cushions and the seats of your soft furniture regularly

Soft furniture not only spread fibres in the air, but they also absorb great amount of dirt and dust when you are sitting on them. The leather or vinyl fabrics are easier to clean, but as a matter of fact they are used less frequently when it comes to upholstery and soft furniture.

6. While cleaning the house, clean the air, too

All vacuum cleaners “stir” the dust into the air when used thanks to their special brush. This means that one part of the dust is automatically gathered back on the already cleaned surfaces. So, choose an air conditioner that is enabled with a purifying filter system. Another option is to open all the windows of the room while cleaning the dust.

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