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47% of Brits hate ironing, are you one of them? The reason may be your ironing technique. If you want to iron well you need dedication, inspiration and a plan.

Standing correctly will prevent you from back pain and hunching over. Adjust your ironing board to waist height. Ironing also burns calories – up to 100 calories/hour so you can count it as a light exercise on your rest days.

Turning your clothing inside out before ironing will protect it and keep it looking like new longer.

Read the ironing advice on a clothing label. Ironing all your clothes on the highest temperature to have it done quicker could lead to some disasters.

Shirts should be ironed inside out to prevent the folds. Start with the cuffs, collar and keep moving inwards. However, if you are ironing pleats start ironing at the bottom of the inside pleat edge and then iron to the outside.

Ironing around buttons can be fiddly but with the right iron with the right tip you can get into all corners.

After ironing your clothes hang them up (shirts) or fold them so you can put all the clothes away and finish your ironing chore.


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