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Kitchen spring cleaning guide

Kitchen is probably the most important room in your home. Having a dirty kitchen, cluttered, dusty and grimy surfaces is not ideal for your health either. That’s why we’ve got a quick spring cleaning guide for your kitchen.

Dusting, removing cobwebs, cleaning walls

Start at the ceiling by cleaning any cobwebs, if the walls are dirty you can wash them completely or spot clean where needed. Take the time to clean any grease, grime and food spills from your kitchen walls. Dust all art and photo frames hanging on the wall using a microfiber cloth. Using soapy water clean the top of kitchen cabinets, take down curtains, wash blinds and inside of the windows.

Apply oven cleaner to the oven and while it works its magic move on to the next task…

Cleaning fridge and freezer

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to clean the coils and also underneath the fridge freezer too. Sort your fridge and freezer by throwing any expired food and empty food containers. Take out and clean the shelves and drawers. Wipe down the inside and outside of the fridge and freezer and neatly put the food back in.

Oven Cleaning

Now it’s time to clean your oven after letting the oven cleaning product to work for a while. Clean the oven according the the directions on the oven cleaning product. Or you could save yourself a lot of time and hassle and book an oven cleaning service with your local cleaning company.

Kitchen Appliances

Time to clean the toaster, blender, kettle, coffee machine and other kitchen appliances you may have. Clean the outside with a damp cloth, de-scale the kettle. If you have a microwave you should clean the inside and outside too. You can try scrubbing it with lemon for a natural clean refresh. Don’t forget to pull out your appliances and clean behind and underneath them.

Regularly used appliances such as kettle, coffee pot and blender jug can be deep cleaned by soaking for a few hours in 1:1 solution of water and white vinegar to remove residue. Wash the appliance thoroughly after the soak to remove any residue.

Dishwasher cleaning

Don’t fill the dishwasher, just use baking soda or vinegar and then run it on the hottest cycle to kill all the germs and have a fresh and deeply clean dishwasher. Usually there’s a food trap in the bottom of the dishwasher, clean it in soapy water. Then wash the outside too.

Clean the drawers, kitchen cabinets and counters

You can use this time to organize your flatware too, install drawer dividers and organize your kitchen better.

Take the trash out and wash the bin with warm soapy water, inside and outside, leave to dry. Then move onto the kitchen cabinet where you keep your cleaning products. Most of us have them stored underneath the sink. Remove all cleaning products and order those that are running low. Throw away any empty bottles or products that you don’t want to use. Wipe down the cabinet inside including the wall and floor and then return the products.

Take out all dishes, pots and pans from cupboards and silverware from drawers. Wipe inside of cupboards with warm soapy water, clean silverware holders because they may be grimy. If your pots and pans could do with a clean then run a load in the dishwasher before returning them to the cleaned cupboards, making sure everything is stored neatly. If you come across chipped crockery throw it away. Cast iron is best cleaned using salt and a soft sponge.

Wipe down the tops of your kitchen cabinets, we bet there’s going to be plenty of dust and grease. Using a degreasing cleaning product wipe the front of your cabinets and drawers, especially handles and cabinet pulls. Don’t forget to wipe light switches and door handles. Wipe windowsills and polish your kitchen windows.

Get to work on the kitchen sink and faucet. Clear everything off the countertops and wipe them with soapy water. Use the correct cleaning product if you have specialty surfaces such as marble or granite.

Kitchen sink cleaning

Use warm soapy water or kitchen cleaner to clean your sink. Don’t forget to clean drain stoppers, wipe down the faucet and handles. If your sink comes with the food disposal there’s an easy way to clean it. Mix baking soda, lemon peel in warm water and pour down the disposal. It will freshen the drain. To sharpen the blades you can put a few ice cubes through.

Small things to clean

Don’t forget to wipe clean the switches, skirting boards, door frames, doors and handles. It’s very easy to overlook them.

Floor cleaning

Vacuum or sweep the floor to remove all dirt and debris. Use the handy crevice tool to clean in hard to reach places, between the countertop and the oven or behind the fridge. Wipe skirting boards with soapy water then mop or scrub the floor. Work strategically from the far corner towards the door, so you can then leave the kitchen without tracking footprints all over the floor you just cleaned.

Organise your cooking cupboards

Take out all items from your baking and cooking cupboards and place them on table. Check labels and throw away anything that has expired, empty jars, stale or inedible foods.

Store flour, sugar, breadcrumbs etc. in a clean, airtight containers with labels.


If you are using bakeware often and have blackened dough that wasn’t scrubbed off properly then use baking soda to help lift old stains and baked on dough.

Electrical cords

These can get very grimy without you realising! Unplug the appliance and wipe the cord with a damp microfiber cloth.

Ice maker

Mineral deposits can build up over time in your ice maker. Take the ice maker apart, clean the pieces, let dry and put back together.

Use lemons for natural cleaning

Lemons can be used as eco-friendly, cheap, natural antibacterial bleach. Rub squeezed halves over your chopping board to disinfect it or to clean other surfaces.

Or you could just book a spring cleaning service, the cleaning company has all the tools and equipment to professionally clean your home using steam cleaning for example.

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