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Carpet Cleaning Is an Art

Carpet cleaning is an art, like everything else. You must make sure that the carpet is cleaned before being fitted unto your floor due to the chemicals it has accumulated from the warehouse where you bought if from. You can generally get the professional carpet cleaners to do this for you. But have you ever wondered how it is done?

First of all, should you decide to clean your carpets all by yourself, make sure that you know what to do. Your carpets can be sensitive. The first step to take is to vacuum, then wash them and make sure the chemicals or detergents you use are non-toxic and organic.  This will ensure that the products you are using are safe to you, your family, your pets and even the environment.

If the carpet is old and you decide to hire a carpet cleaning company, make sure they do not use too much high heat just to remove a small, sneaky dirty old stain. You better believe it, it will just ruin the best parts of your carpet. Or you can have a little do it yourself by removing the stain yourself by applying white vinegar only to the spot which is stained.

Be on the lookout for electric sockets which the carpet cleaners may accidentally affect with their cleaning, damaging your things or worse, harming the carpet cleaners themselves.

If you want a fragrant carpet you can again do it yourself by using baking soda which , mixed with some fragrant oils, can sometimes even smell better than what the professional company cleaners can provide you. But then again, it is your choice.

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

To do this, spot clean your carpet. Check out for pet stains and the like and use spot cleaning products from the grocery and apply them. Then you must vacuum your carpet as thoroughly as possible.

To clean your carpet yourself, you may rent carpet cleaning equipment from your grocery or hardware store. These will cost you less than if you have it professionally done from a cleaning company. Get the right shampoo and mix with water then pour into the tank of your rented cleaner. You may now push the right button to start the release of shampoo unto the carpet and the other button for starting the sucking mechanism and the swirling brush. Push and pull the machine making sure you do not pass the same area again. Do these until you are done with the entire area that you want to clean. Refill the solution for cleaning and empty the dirty water container of its contents.

All in all carpet cleaning is an art. It is for the holistic aesthetic of carpets. A clean carpet is a sign of healthy living and the practicality of a longer lasting carpet solution. There are superstitious beliefs that walking barefoot on your carpet may lead to losing your bodily oils. This is a misconception which is not supported by the health board.

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