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Are you about to move out of your home and you want to save some money by doing the end of tenancy cleaning yourself? If you don’t want to book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, read our tips on cleaning your property before moving out.

When you decided if you will be cleaning the entire property yourself or just some rooms, it’s best to go through all the rooms and write down what needs to be cleaned so you don’t forget something. Most estate agents are looking even at the smallest things when carrying out an inventory check; such as cobwebs, mirror smudges or dust, keep this in mind when making your list. Our top tip: work from the top down – start by cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling and corners.

Once you compiled your list, you should check that you have all the required cleaning materials and equipment. It’s surprising how many people think that they can clean the whole house using one or two detergents. You will need detergents for removing limescale, cleaning oven, bathroom cleaning, cleaning grease in the kitchen. Not having the right cleaning products will only prolong the cleaning time and your frustration.

Before starting the end of tenancy cleaning you should clear all the kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer and only keep the furniture that is staying in the property. This will make the cleaning much easier and saves you time moving things around. You should also fully defrost your freezer.

We would strongly recommend to use a professional for oven cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning and inside and outside window cleaning. This will save you a huge amount of time and not having to hire carpet cleaner and buy specialist cleaning products.



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