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Keep your bathroom clean using some unusual products.

Baby Wipes

If you have a few minutes time each morning after you get ready for work swipe the sink with baby wipes to clean it and then throw away. Keep a box of baby wipes under the sink so you can quickly clean any surface in the bathroom.

Rubbing Alcohol

Do your products leave a sticky residue on bathroom surfaces? Use an old cloth and a little bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the residue with ease.


You may have not known but the best way to keep your shower clean is using a shampoo. Using a cloth and a little bit of shampoo you can give the shower a quick wipe down before you are done showering. Then spray off with water.

Denture tablets

They will keep the toilet bowl sparkling clean. Just drop a tablet into the toilet bowl. You can use baby wipes to wipe down the handle, lid and seat too.

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