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People avoid cleaning the bathroom for one of two reasons: they think that it keeps itself clean since that is where they wash or they simply do not want to delve into the grime. Obviously, the same logic in the former leads the fact that if you clean all your dirt off in the bathroom it is going to settle in the bathroom. Grime is something that is a fact of life in the bathroom given the high moisture that the room experiences, but if you are vigilant in your cleaning it does not have to be a tedious task every time.

Start with the shelves

The best way to start with the bathroom is by cleaning the shelves, this is because it is usually the smallest task and will be the less daunting, and most bathroom shelves just need to be rearranged and maybe a few items need to be thrown out. Once you get through this task you will see how simple it is to get the bathroom cleaned, and will be inspired to continue onwards. After all, once you see one clean area you are going to want to make the rest of the room match.

Follow with Hard Surfaces

The next natural step is to clean all hard surfaces in the bathroom, so if your shelves are made of ceramic or glass surfaces you might have already cleaned these. The next areas to hit are the countertops near the sink and the glass mirrors in the bathroom; the clean reflective surfaces will instantly lighten up the bathroom and make everything look a lot cleaner. You might be tempted to clean the floor at this point, but it makes sense to save this task for the end since you don’t want to walk over your wet floor.

Use some Elbow Grease on the Bathtub and Toilet

Next up you will need use some elbow grease to get the bath and the toilet clean as no one likes this task because it requires a high level patience, elbow grease and time. There is a lot of grime that builds up in both of these areas and often mould grows as a result of poor ventilation. This can be a tough job to tackle, but in the interest of getting a thorough clean you have to make sure that you give them a stab, and once you get started it will not be as hard as you think.

Clean up all of your Bathroom Accessories

Finally, round up your bathroom clean by pulling out the ultrasonic cleaner and quickly cleaning up some of the bathroom accessories that often get dirty. You can put just about anything small into ultrasonic cleaners and get an instant shine as all of the dirt and grime that is caked on easily falls away. For the bathroom this might mean placing tweezers, combs, razor blades, makeup tools (not the makeup), and other small objects into the ultrasonic cleaner. In just a few minutes you will be done and your bathroom will shine.

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