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Who would have thought that you can clean with a loaf of bread. Bread is on everyone’s shopping list but did you know that a slice of bread can be useful in cleaning around your home.

Picking up shattered glass

Use a slice of bread to pick up shattered and broken glass. First, collect the bigger pieces with a dustpan and brush. Place a slice of bread over the top of the little bits of glass to stick to it and then throw away.

Sticky finger marks

Small kids and wallpaper means you probably have a few sticky finger marks. If the wallpaper can’t be washed, use a slice of bread to buff away greasy and sticky marks.

Leather sofa stains

Remove the crusts from a slice of bread then roll the bread into a ball and start gently rubbing the stain until it’s gone.

Dusty paintings

Have you got a dusty painting? Don’t use cleaning chemicals and risk ruining it. Get a spongy piece of bread and gently sweep the dust.

Tablecloth stains

Gravy or wine spilled on your pristine tablecloth? Use a slice of bread to quickly absorb the liquid. When you wash the tablecloth it will make it easier to get the stain out.

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