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Summer seems to be in full swing now, we already had a few hot days. Staying indoors to shelter from the heat and the dust can prove difficult for people suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, rhinitis or conjunctivitis.

Allergy triggers are not only inside but outside too, including dust, dust mites, mould spores or micro organisms living in air conditioning vents. To help combat allergy triggers in your home take a look at our cleaning tips for allergy sufferers.


When you wipe dust off from surfaces you actually release dust allergens into the air. Use a moist or an anti static cloth for dusting furniture. The dust particles are attracted to the cloth by the electric charge. Dust first and then vacuum.

Cleaning Products

If cleaning products trigger allergic reaction affecting the skin or respiratory tract you should dilute them with water. You will reduce the concentration of cleaning agents when diluted with water. The good news is that you will not affect the cleaning product’s effectiveness. If you don’t want to use chemicals then steam cleaning would be the best option.


Breathing in air borne dust particles and irritating cleaning agents in enclosed areas is a problem for allergy sufferers. Ensure the room is ventilated when cleaning.


Hanging pillows and covers outdoors helps destroy dust mites. Dust mites survive because most of the moisture produced during the nigh through perspiration remains trapped under the bed cover. Washing bed linen at 60 to 95 degrees destroys any remaining dust mites. Allergy sufferers can also use mattress, pillows and covers encasings which are dust mite proof.


Allergy sufferers should use vacuum cleaners with a water filter system because they bind the vacuumed dirt in water. Dust free air and no more sneezing or coughing.

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