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Wood flooring is the ultimate statement of luxury and elegance. It adds that distinctive feel of style and comfort which can really change the look of any room or even an entire house. On top of that, hardwood floors are durable and can outlive all other flooring options by far. However, such a wonderful thing doesn’t come cheap at all. Quality wood flooring made of classic oak, teak or exotic acacia can be several times more expensive for the square foot when compared with other options like laminate, carpeting or even marble.

When it comes to keeping hardwood flooring in shape, there is nothing better than routine maintenance. Any expert hard floor cleaning specialist will tell you to dry mop the surface and protect it from scratching or spilling liquids. Needless to say, fire is not a good friend to wood floors as well. Well, now more seriously below you can find tips which will make maintaining your hardwood floors in your home a lot easier and effective.

Carpeting and Rugs

Rugs and carpets can be described as one of the best way, if not the best one, to protect your precious hardwood flooring from coming in contact with dirt, staining and even getting scratched. Adding a layer of protection over the wood surface will ensure your valuable investment is being kept save and in tip-top condition. For example, if you drop your cup of coffee on the floor which is covered with a rug, the liquid will get absorbed and won’t reach the wood surface.

“No Shoes” Policy

Renters and homeowners alike initiate a “no shoes” policy for various reasons. Of course, the main one being sanitary concern because large amount of dirt and soil is tracked in a building from the outside. However, there are other concerns like small rocks or other sharp, hard objects which can get stuck in a shoe tread and damage wood surface seriously. Such a policy will help you to protect your hardwood floor and keep it in good condition.

Use Protective Furniture Tabs

There are people who like to fill their homes with lots of furnishings while others like to keep furniture to a minimum. No matter what your preferences are, if you enjoy polished wood floors in your home, placing protective tabs on the legs of your furniture is recommended. Every time you sit or get up from a chair or sofa you move them slightly which results in tiny scratches on the floor. With furniture tabs there is absolutely no chance to mess it up.

Clean Wood Floors

Fine particles, dust and soil are big enemies of good looking hardwood flooring, too. And while carpeting and rugs can protect it from larger particles or spills, dust and dirt also can cause harm if their levels are left unchecked and manage to slip between the floor boards. Thus it’s important to clean your hardwood flooring regularly. Be careful with the cleaners you use because quite few of them can cause more harm than good. Another great tip to limit the amount of fine soil and dust particles in your home is to place door mats which are said to catch and retain up to 70% of dust and dirt tracked inside from the street.

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