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Antibacterial spray and wipes can be used to eliminate as much bacteria as possible when cleaning around the house. These are used mainly on kitchen surfaces after every food preparation. Disinfecting door handles is also important on a regular basis.

Both products will do the job in elimination bacteria and disinfecting surfaces. It hugely depends on your personal preference and what surfaces you are cleaning. You may find that it is easier to use an antibacterial spray on harder to reach areas.

Antibacterial Spray

First wipe off any visible dirt with a cloth. Some sprays will need to air dry, others my require to be wiped down afterwards to remove excess liquid and residue.

Disinfectant Wipes

Any visible dirt and grime should be wiped off before using wipes. Use the wipes just as you would use a cloth or sponge to wipe the surface. Wipes can be used for large, flat and easy to reach areas.

How Often Should you Disinfect?

Regular disinfectant cleaning should be a part of every homeowner’s weekly cleaning routine.


Fridge, cupboard and door handles should be disinfected. Work surfaces should be disinfected after each food preparation. You can wash your hands with an antibacterial soap.


Use a disinfectant on the toilet brush and door handle as these are very high in bacteria.

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