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Are you Forgetting to Clean These Office Items?

Are you working in an office or from your home office? You could be neglecting to clean some of the office items you use on a daily basis. Does your office have a professional cleaning company to come in regularly and clean the kitchen, bathrooms and office desks? Maybe it’s time you looked into a professional office cleaning service.

Keyboard and Mouse

The most used item on your office desk. You use it to type, you may eat your lunch at the desk or even use it when you have cold. Be honest, how often do you clean your keyboard, mouse and work area? Cleaning clutter and organising your desk is just one part of keeping bacteria and germs out of the way. In most offices, kitchen areas and bathrooms are cleaner than the average desk. Most attention is paid to communal areas and not desks with accompanying electronics. Disinfect your keyboard and mouse at least once a month.


Mobile phones and landline can get germs on them because they tend to be used often and almost never cleaned. Wipe down your landline regularly, bacteria and germs tend to build up on the mouthpiece and phone buttons.

Door Handles and Light Switches

Many of us don’t even consider how dirty door handles and light switches can get. Just imagine how many people touch these. Not everyone is washing their hands after using the toilet so keep your door handles and switches clean.

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