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Refresh your Home

As you embark on a new year you should leave your outdated fixtures and unsightly clutter in the past. Welcome the new year with a refresh and spring cleaning.

Lets start in the bathroom by upgrading the shower curtain to prevent build up of mould and mildew and get rid off all the germs.

Clean out your closet, shoes, toys and other clutter that may be lying around the house, taking up the space. Invest into closet organizers and storage bins and what you haven’t used in the last year donate to charity or sell on Ebay.

Move on to the kitchen cupboards, check canned and boxed foods for their expiry dates and throw away anything that is over its due date. While you have all the cans and food storage boxes taken out, give the inside a good clean. Minimize clutter and maximize kitchen counter space by using clear canisters or jars for storing kitchen essentials.

If you windows get mouldy over winter, clean them and window sills too. You can use a mixture of hot water and washing up liquid and then wipe clean with a clean cloth. Give them a final clean with window cleaner and kitchen towel or clean cloth.

Reward yourself after all the hard work and pamper yourself with luxurious new sheets and duvets. New, fresh bedding is the easiest way to start 2016 well rested and ready to tackle the new year head on.

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