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An Environmental health expert suggests that having a ‘spring clean’ twice a year with more emphasis on a thorough clean in autumn is much more beneficial.

Most of us associate deep cleaning our home with spring but it seems autumn deep cleaning is much more beneficial to our health. Although spring cleaning is still important our focus should be on autumn cleaning.

Falling temperatures, central heating, closed windows and inadequate vacuuming make autumn the perfect time for carpets to become a breading ground for harmful microbes and dust mites. A thorough and regular vacuuming is essential to prevent dust, dirt and food crumbs getting trapped in the carpet. Cleaning under sofas, tables, beds and other furniture is very important.

Use well maintained vacuum cleaners that have strong suction, clean or replace the filter regularly or according to the manufacturer.

From a health perspective autumn cleaning is much more important than the traditional spring cleaning.

Autumn Cleaning Essentials List

  • Wash the windows
  • Dust and polish
  • Move furniture before vacuuming
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