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Kitchens represent the heart of any home, and like most families, you likely spend more time here – preparing meals, eating, socializing – than in any other room of your home.  Even in Feng Shui, the kitchen is the most vital room in your home because it sustains life and nourishes your family.  Since the kitchen is a focal point of any home, people spend enormous amounts of time and money to ensure that it represents their style and personality.  There are a number of elements you should consider when you design or redecorate your kitchen.  For example, the color and design create the ambiance while appliance and workspace convey the cleanliness and how you cook your food.  There is no need to break the bank to create your perfect space, so you should explore all your options before making any major decisions.

Design Elements

You should first choose an overall theme that can be carried through all the design elements of your kitchen.  The traditional kitchen usually incorporates natural wood and stone countertops that create a classic timeless look.  This style shows that you appreciate timeless beauty and take pride in appearances without being ostentatious.

Contemporary or modern design elements emphasize clean lines, smooth surfaces, and natural construction materials.  The moderate use of color and stainless steel appliances show that you want to make a bold statement with your design.  It shows that you are both stylish and sophisticated.

Many people combine several different design elements from a variety of periods and movements to create an eclectic décor.  This allows you to integrate a bit of everything when you can’t decide on a single design.  An eclectic décor will give you the best of everything without sacrificing elements that you love.  It shows that you are creative, independent, and adaptable.


The color palettes you choose for your kitchen affects the mood, appetite, and overall feel of your kitchen.  There have been extensive studies researching the psychology of color proving that our perception of color stimulates and influences mind, body, and emotions.  Bright colors such as shades of red, yellow, and orange create feelings of warmth, friendship, and comfort.  They have also been shown to provide a mental boost and stimulate hunger which is why so many restaurants use these colors in their logos.

If you need help managing or regulating eating habits, shades of blue and green have an extremely calming effect.  There are studies which suggest these colors also promote healthy eating habits since they are natural colors.  If you don’t want to change the color of your kitchen, you can add these colors through simple decorations such as dishware, fabrics, or chat skis.


It is common to leave our favorite or most frequently used appliances on display to ensure we have easy access.  Coffeemakers, toasters, blenders, mixers and other various appliances give your visitors an insight into your daily activities and eating habits in a single glance.  Numerous appliances for food prep indicate a passion for cooking while displays of glassware suggest that you love to entertain.

You should examine what pieces you showcase and identify what perception your own kitchen conveys.  With today’s advancement in technology, many brands create aesthetically appealing gadgets and appliances that often become conversation pieces.  They also come in a variety of colors to match any personality or décor.  If you still find yourself lost in the world of design or simply want a second opinion on how best to portray your style, consulting an Interior Designer is a wise investment of time and money when starting a large renovation project.

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