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To help you maintain a clean and organised house during and after Christmas it’s a good idea to have a cleaning checklist which includes pre-Christmas cleaning tasks, daily cleaning tasks and post-Christmas cleaning tasks.

Christmas has its positive side – spending time with your loved ones, sharing traditional meals and enjoying the festive atmosphere. It also has a negative side – tackling dirty dishes, crumbs and spills. Don’t let these chores keep you from enjoying Christmas and follow our tips on dealing with hosting family meal party and having guests around.

Getting Organised

To maintain your housekeeping routine, complete a deep clean before Christmas, making sure everything is clean and tidy for the arrival of your guests. You won’t have to spend as much time cleaning at Christmas if you plan ahead.

Pre-Christmas Cleaning Checklist:

– Clean and rinse out dishes, glassware and cutlery you want to use for Christmas parties and dinners

– Iron table linens

– Deeply clean upholstery and carpets

– Stock up on cleaning products, rubbish bags, toilet and kitchen paper and stain removers

– Prepare your outfits

– Put up the Christmas decorations

Maintaining a Clean House

Having an organised cleaning routine makes it easy to keep your house tidy all year round, not just Christmas time. Clear up spills and stains straight away, vacuum and sweep floors regularly, do a quick clean of the toilets and bathroom sinks. Try to stay on top of your laundry, don’t leave it for after Christmas.

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