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As Christmas approaches on the horizon we are getting closer to choosing the perfect present, the best gift and decoration as well as preparing for one of the best, but most hectic times throughout the year. All that time and preparations however can leave your home in desperate need for cleaning and tidying up. No matter what you have to clean, you will need to do a good deal of it before the big day closes in. Let’s begin with a few simple tips:

  • Glassware is one of the first things you have to pay attention to, as you will use quite a bit of it on Christmas Eve. Make sure you clean your cups and glasses as well as possible. If you have any annoying mineral stains remember you can clean them with something as simple as potato skins.

  • Next come the floors as they could also greatly benefit from being neat and clean. If you have hardwood floors you can wipe them with a bit of tea to make them shine and smell nice. If you have laminated floors instead you can clean them with a bit of baby shampoo and water.

  • The other thing that requires a good deal of work for that special day are the spoons, forks and other silverware you have to work with. A good way to shine them up is by using the inside of a banana peel, as this will help polish them without the use of chemicals. Remember to shine them using a towel so you’ll remove the banana residue after you’re done.

  • Cleaning your towels is also quite important, as they will see quite a bit of use during that day and subsequent night. If your towels remain wet for long periods of time this will lead to the growth of mildew. To annihilate the musty scent you should wash them with baking soda and water, followed by doing that again with white vinegar for added effect. Dry the towels in a dryer and you will eliminate the unwanted smell.

  • Clean up your refrigerator as it will be used to store a lot of nice holiday food. The last thing you want is nasty odors coloring the great cuisine you’ll have there during that great day and night. This can be done fairly simply, just open up a can of oatmeal and let it sit there for a few days right before the big day. This will absorb the nasty smell, leaving clean air in its wake. Clean up under and around the fridge to ensure no dust bunnies are present as well as crumbs or other things.

  • Clean up the windows and hang holiday decorations and lights. If you want to have a window free of those annoying streaks you should focus on cleaning them with hot water and some detergent. Use a squeegee for the best possible results and a quick cleaning job.

  • Next come the toilets, as they will need a good deal of cleaning to get things done. You could do a decent job by pouring a bottle of cola in the toilet, then letting it sit like that for about half an hour. Scrub the toilet after that and you’ll have good results overall.

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