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Light fixtures are magnets for dust, cobwebs and dirt. If a light fixture is dirty it can lower the life span of light bulbs and gives out less light while using the same amount of energy.

Health and Safety

First danger you may encounter is using a ladder when cleaning light fixtures in your home. You have to unscrew the light fixture while on the ladder so you should keep safe. You could get away with cleaning light fixtures while they are in place. If your home or the room is dusty then deeply cleaning light fixtures is a must at least twice a year.

Another danger is that light bulbs get hot when they are on. Leave the light off for at least an hour before cleaning light fixtures to avoid burning yourself.

If you are cleaning light fixtures while they are in place, only use dry cloths and tools because of the electricity. If you need to wipe them down then use damp cloth not dripping wet. Using dripping water or spraying fluids on light fixtures can damage them or cause a risk of electrocution.

Dusting Regularly

Dust your light fixtures on a weekly basis using a long handled dusting tool. If you clean light fixtures regularly you don’t have to deeply clean them more than twice a year.

Cleaning Glass Ceiling Fixtures

After unscrewing the light fixture from the ceiling, lamp or base dump the dust and any dirt out of the light fixture into the bin. Then dust the inside and outside using a microfibre cloth or duster.

Deeply clean glass light fixtures in a sink with warm water and a few drops of washing liquid, soak for a few minutes, wipe and rinse. Using a clean, dry towel wipe them dry, pay extra attention to the inside. You can use glass cleaner to clean any water marks.

Never put glass light fixtures in the dishwasher as they could break.

Cleaning Recessed Lighting

The best way to clean recessed lighting is to dust it regularly inside the opening. Don’t forget to leave the lights off for at least an hour to cool it down. To deep clean recessed lighting, carefully remove the bulb and use a damp cloth to wipe the interior of the recessed area. It’s a good idea to turn off the electricity for that part of the house while you clean recessed lighting.

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