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You will probably enjoy planning and going to a New Year’s Eve party but cleaning up afterwards isn’t the most favourite activity to start the New Year with. You should consider how you will clean up after a party if you are planning it at your own home. We came up with a few tips for cleaning up after your New Year’s Eve party.

1.       Plan ahead

If you have a cleaner book her beforehand to make sure she will have a free spot to fit you in or if you don’t have a cleaner why not save yourself the hassle of cleaning up and book one.

2.       Ask your friends to help

Why not ask your friends to help clean up, especially if they were at the party too. They might have even stayed overnight at your house so this would be a nice way to say thank you. Just a few more pair of hands will speed up your after party cleaning.

3.       Host your party at a restaurant

To save yourself from having to clean up after New Year’s Eve party you could plan it at a local restaurant. Of course, you can’t trash the place but afterwards you don’t have to clean up and you don’t have to worry about red wine spills on your carpet or a sofa.

Top tips for cleaning after New Year’s Eve party

  • Clean up as soon as your guests leave to get it over and done with
  • Turn on some music to make the cleaning a bit more fun
  • To keep clean up at minimum, do some during the party – run the dishwasher, take the rubbish out etc.

You can always count on your local cleaning services company. Why not book a cleaner so you can sleep in after a big party.

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