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The way you store your food in your fridge directly affects how long it stays fresh for. We all want our food to stay as fresh as possible for the longest, which is why we have put together an infographic with the most practical tips on how you could organise your fridge.

First of all, the temperature of your fridge is very important. The food you put in your fridge all have different temperatures they’re best kept at so how do you accomplish that when your fridge only has one temperature setting? Use the different shelves, drawers, and racks! It is best to keep your fridge temperature below 5 degrees Celsius.

Raw foods like meat and poultry, as well as fish needs to be kept at the coldest temperature possible; the bottom shelf is perfect. It is the coldest part of a fridge. Raw meats do tend to release their juices, so by putting them on the bottom self you’re also ensuring those juices will not ruin any other food. To avoid them dripping you can seal them really well to, of course!

You should also refrigerate your leftovers within the first 90 minutes of cooking them if not immediately to ensure they don’t spoil. Also refrigerating them doesn’t mean you can keep them in there for ever, you’ll need to eat or dispose them within 2 days otherwise they’ll spoil.

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