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If you notice build up of mould anywhere in your bathroom you should remove it as soon as you can to stop it spreading. Mould can be removed using a sponge, cloth, scrubbing brush or even an old toothbrush. You can use bleach, Borax, vinegar or ammonia to remove mould in your bathroom. Vinegar is also great for prevention of mould once you get rid off mould in your bathroom. If the mould is in the sealer, then you might need to remove it and replace it. Same goes for bathroom walls, if you can’t remove mould it might be necessary to remove the wall and build it again. This might seem like a big job, well not for our skilled


How to remove mould from tiles and grout

Often you find mould growing on tiles or in the grout around them. It should be easy to remove mould on tiles just by scrubbing or wiping with a cloth. Removing mould from the grout is not that easy, bleach is great for killing mould and removing stains in the grout. If that doesn’t remove the mould entirely you could try scrubbing it with an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush. Another option would be to remove the grout and replace it. You can use a flat screwdriver to scrape it out.

How to remove mould in shower and bathtub

Mould builds up in shower and bathtub from all the grime from body oils and soap scum being washed off onto the shower and bathtub, making it a perfect environment for mould build up. To prevent mould in your shower and bathtub, clean regularly, wipe the shower and bathtub to minimize moisture.

How to remove mould in basin

For the same reason mould grows in showers and bathtubs, it can grow in bathroom basins and sinks. Again, clean your bathroom regularly and to prevent mould build up even more, wipe dry after use.

How to remove mould on objects in the bathroom

If your shampoo and shower gel bottles, beauty products and old soaps are getting wet it could lead to mould build up. You shouldn’t store your items on bathroom surfaces that get wet. Store them on a shelf or in a cupboard. The fewer items you have lying around the less likely you get mould. When you clean your bathroom remove all objects so you can clean easily under them and also clean the objects individually. After you shower or have a bath open the window for a bit to let all the steam out and prevent moisture staying in and mould build up. The surfaces will also dry faster.

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