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How to reduce germs in your whole house

Most of us are used to using the same cleaning cloth in different rooms when doing regular cleaning. To avoid germs spreading we recommend using a separate cloths, especially for kitchen and bathroom. Germs are mostly lurking around in the kitchen and bathroom. Germs love your kitchen and bathroom’s damp surfaces and moist corners and can also spread when you prepare and handle raw meat.

Great tip is to use a different colour cloth, sponge in each room (for example blue for the bathroom and yellow for the kitchen). If you spill something on the floor, use a paper towel to wipe it and throw away to stop spreading germs. Don’t use your tea towel or kitchen cloth / sponge to wipe it.

Even better way to reduce germs spreading in your kitchen is to not use a sponge because it provides moist and damp environment for germs and bacteria to reproduce. And because it takes quite a long time for a sponge to dry, it’s haven for bacteria. Instead, use a microfibre cloths or a 3D cloths, they dry quicker when hung up after use. These cloths are also eco-friendly and last much longer. They are great for shining your stainless steel too.

How to reduce germs in your rubbish bin

To keep your whole house clean and germs free in between visits from your house cleaning company follow these tips.

Use a natural disinfectant – surgical spirit, available from your local pharmacy, to wipe down your rubbish / compost bin inside and out using a microfibre or a 3D cloth. Clean your bin once a week to keep the germs at bay and also to reduce the smell.

How to reduce germs when having pets

Dog and cat food and water bowls are sources of germs so as part of your regular house cleaning you should wash your pet’s food and water bowls. Wash them with washing-up liquid each time you refill them and once week give them a good wash in your dishwasher.

How to keep your home smelling fresh

To keep the air in your home fresh, change your appliances’ filters when needed. Vacuum cleaners’ filters should be changed to improve suction and eliminate dust particles from the air. Improve the efficiency of your washing machine and dishwasher by washing their filters or running a ‘self clean’ cycle.

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