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The difference that a carpet can make to your home is quite surprising. As you own a carpet, it;s color changes with the dirt that gets trodden in to it, and this can often happen very slowly and evenly, in a way that will not be very obvious as it happens. You will no doubt find that cleaning a carpet will give surprising results, in that the original color will return and you will likely be astounded by the way in which it changes the feel of the room, especially in a room with wall to wall carpet flooring. There are a few ways in which you can ensure that your carpet gets the cleaning treatment that it deserves, but it takes a little know how to ensure that you are choosing the right technique and not getting the whole things wrong for your needs.

First off is the regular method of home shampooing your carpet. Carpet shampoo can be bought anywhere that they sell cleaning products, and comes as a spray on foam. This foam should then be scrubbed in to the carpet pile and left to do it’s magic. Once the foam has dried up, it should have pulled the dirt from the fibers, which will have been aided by your scrubbing. The dried foam can then be vacuumed up, leaving your carpet looking great! You may well find however, that the foam leaves a small amount of residue in the pile, which will be quite sticky. Whilst this trace of residue will not be that obvious, you may find that it attracts dirt and dust, which will make the carpet dirtier and faster! Only use high end home shampoo, or look in to getting the carpet shampooed professionally.

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction as it’s trade name goes, is also extremely effective. The process uses a machine, operated by a professional cleaner, to blast near boiling water in to the carpet, which is the sucked out again, almost simultaneously. The vigor with which the water is blasted in and sucked out, combined with the high heat removes dirt extremely effectively, and this is where the cleaning power comes from. You will find that this method is extremely effective, however if the suction part of the machine is at all faulty, even a little bit, then there can be issues with extracting the water, and this can leave your carpet sodden. A damp carpet is a breeding ground for mould and other nasty things that can mean you have to buy a new carpet!

Dry cleaning is by far the most preferred and most effective method of cleaning a carpet. You will find that it leaves your pile looking spotless, but it can be pretty expensive and requires a skilled professional to carry it out. The dry compound is scattered evenly over the surface, and mixed with a small amount of solution. This combination is then scrubbed in to the pile, by machine or by hand. Tests have shown that hand scrubbing only affects the top third of the pile, whilst machine scrubbing will hit the whole depth of the pile, making it a lot more effective. The chemical reaction between the solution and the compound attracts dirt from the carpet’s fibers, and leaves the fibers completely free of any dirt and debris, which means that your carpet looks absolutely amazing at all times!

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