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Having furry friends comes with a price tag – pet hair. But there are easy ways to keep your house clean and eliminate pet hair.

When you have pets, you should also invest into a quality hoover which will make it that much easier in getting rid of pet hair. Empty it after each use and keep the filter clean. You can use hoovers on your upholstery and floors.

If you have a hard floor surfaces you could try using an electrostatic dust mop. The static power attracts pet hair so you can sweep the floors as often as you can. You can use a microfibre cloth attached to a broom as an alternative.

Damp microfibre cloth can also be used on sofas, armchairs or beds to get rid of pet hair or hard to reach corners on carpeted floors. Pet hair on upholstery, car interiors or clothing can also be removed using a damp sponge, sticky rolls or lint brushes.

Keep pet hair at bay

– if you have a long haired dog or cat sweep, hoover daily if possible

– brush your pet, this will reduce the amount of hair around your home

– cover beds, sofas and other favourite places for your pet to sleep on with old throws so you can wash them easily


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