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Would you use cold water to do your house cleaning with or wash your clothes in? Most likely no, so why should you treat your windows any different? Yes, you might have a window cleaner every week round that cleans your windows with one bucket of cold water for £5 and both sides are happy. Although hot water window cleaning might be somewhat more expensive, you will get a deep cleaned windows.

Why using hot water window cleaning service is better?


  • Hot water cleans more effectively than cold water because it softens and absorbs dirt much faster
  • Very effective for cleaning not only windows but also frames, cladding, conservatories, gutters and facias
  • Windows dry with spot free finish
  • No sticky residue left on the glass -> nothing for dirt to stick to -> windows stay cleaner for much longer
  • Window cleaners are using a hose so there is no need for ladders because they can work safely on the ground
  • Hose can reach places with harder access
  • Window cleaners won’t damage your lawns or flower beds because they can easily reach windows over them

Why clean your windows, you ask?

  • Give your windows a spring clean and clean away dirt from the winter
  • Regular window cleaning helps prevent degradation and replacament of your glass panes
  • If you are thinking of selling having clean windows will add to your chances
  • If it’s your office or shop front it will increase your professional business image
  • If you are having a big party / celebration at your home
  • Clean windows help your home’s heat efficiency

What can hot water window cleaning service clean?


  • External and internal window cleaning
  • Delicate windows or windows not suitable for pure water cleaning
  • Conservatory roof cleaning
  • Cladding
  • UPVC
  • Soffit
  • Fascia
  • Gutters

We are ready to clean some windows!

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