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It may seem like you don’t need any tips on how to clean your bedroom, as it is obvious right? Well, having a method for such things may seem a little boring, but the fact of the matter is that not much is as boring as cleaning in the first place! So, you need to ensure that you can put some sort of order in to the process to ensure that it is not too dull for you as time progresses, and to make it as quick and easy as possible! A step by step method to follow when it comes to cleaning the bedroom will give you the tools to build similar steps for cleaning other rooms in the house. Over time, these steps will become a natural thing, and you will be cleaning your place in a quick and efficient way that does not seem nearly as taxing or dull as it did when you just did it randomly.

Step one. Make the bed! It may seem silly to some, but making the bed gives the whole room a different feel. If you think about it, a bed has a large presence in a bedroom, so it is important that you can ensure that it feels like something is going in the right direction whilst you are cleaning. It takes about a minute to do, and can transform your attitude, providing an oasis of calm in et middle of what can sometimes be a chaotic mess!

Step two. Put your clothes away! In reality, clothing is what makes a room particularly messy. Whether it is simply through not being bothered to put them away before bed, or through a panicked process of finding the right outfit before a night out, you need to be sure that everything gets put away properly when it comes to tidying the room. Clothes left crumpled can crease and lose their shape, which will ruin them, forever, and having a room that feels cluttered by clothing will make it a less pleasant place to be!

Step three. Remove things that are not meant to be in the bedroom! From mugs to magazines, toys to all sorts of other things, you will find that a certain amount of the things within your room will belong elsewhere. Removing these, the clothes and making the bed will mean that your room starts to look pretty great!

Step four. Dusting. Starting from high and working downwards with a feather duster and then a regular dusting cloth, you need to ensure that you don’t knock dust on to anywhere that you have already cleaned. This will save you time and frustration in the long run, so it is well worth thinking about as you go along with the dusting process.

Step five. Polishing. You will no doubt have door knows, bed steads and various other things that need attention, so a quick buff and polish will be well worth it.

Step six. Vacuum the whole roof, including the skirting and the curtains, to get rid of any last bits of dust. This should be the last step, as it will mean that you do not miss anything again. Much like with the order for dusting, the floor will be the last resting place for any dust and dirt that has escaped you so far, and the vacuuming must come last, as otherwise you might miss it! There is a step seven for those with wooden floors, as you need to mop after vacuuming to prevent scratching!

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