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Most landlords and tenants have the agreement that once the tenant vacates the property they are obliged to leave it clean and tidy, as it were prior to moving in.

These days you have the option to hire a professional cleaning company to come in a do a thorough job, they offer a wide range of services from a full house clean to specific rooms and the choice is yours as too what you would like. Some people may decide that this unnecessary as they are willing to do it alone however if a property as been lived in for a vast amount of time, it can be rather difficult trying to attempt to get it back to its original condition, without the right tools and detergents for the job.

Usually the requirements of the landlord are for the tenant to ensure that the place is spick and span, ready for the next tenant to move into. This could include removing all food from fridges, cleaning out cupboards, removing grease and grime for tiles and flooring and ensuring that there are no visible stains on carpets and sofas, rugs etc.

Many tenants are expected to clean each room in the property with extra attention on specific areas such as kitchen and bathrooms which tend to attract the most grime. It’s also a good idea to make sure windows are clean, doors are wiped down and radiators and furnishings are free from dust.
Carpet cleaning can be rather difficult especially if choose to tackle it alone, some stains which have been present for a long time may not shift at all, no matter how hard you try. For this situation is probably worth your while to hire professional carpet cleaners to do it instead, cleaning agencies use equipment, most likely steam cleaning equipment which is very effective at removing stains and does not leave the carpets saturated afterwards.

Most tenants will have a contract stating what is expected of the tenant prior to moving out, if unsure it is probably better to speak to landlord but most of the time a thorough clean and general repair job including replacing broken doors, blinds etc is required. When it comes to the standard it cleanliness that is expected of a tenant, prior to moving out, you can be sure that a cleaning company will know exactly what is required and will deliver accordingly.

Using the help of cleaning contractors is beneficial in many ways, not only do they do a remarkable job but also they manage to do it extremely quickly because the tools they use make the job so much easier. If you are struggling to find time to achieve a good result with the cleaning, it is probably better to allow the professionals to do it instead!

Remember that although this task seems like a chore, it’s very important! In most cases it is a legal requirement to do an end of tenancy clean and also it’s a way of ensuring that you do get your deposit back. Most landlords will allow for general wear and tear because that is expected to happen over time so if your anything is concerning you, you should talk to your landlord about it before going ahead and spending a fortune on the property.

When the time comes to leave the property, ask yourself if how you would feel if you were the new tenant moving in? Would you be satisfied with its appearance? Do you find it clean and would you be comfortable to move into it like this? If the answers yes to those questions, you know the job is done correctly!

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