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The sun is out, the BBQ season is coming. Get your BBQ ready by giving it a good clean.

If you can, clean your BBQ as soon as possible, when it’s still warm. Use a bleach spray to sanitise the grill and utensils, rinse well.

How to Clean the Inside of a BBQ

The interior of a BBQ can be cleaned using a pressure washer. Use a pumice stone or scraper to remove dirt from the inside of the BBQ. Be careful not to scrub too hard if the inside of your BBQ is enamel coated. Shake out the dislodged dirt. Then use a BBQ cleaner to thoroughly clean the inside of the BBQ.

How to Clean the Outside of a BBQ

Use a moist cloth to wipe down the outside of a BBQ. If there is burnt on food on the outside use a solution of baking soda and warm water to clean it. You can weather seal stainless steel BBQ by wiping the outside with oil.

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