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Hobs can get dirty easily but having a clean hob can make your kitchen appear fresher and cleaner. Most of us just don’t have the time to clean after each use so food can become dried on. 

Ceramic hobs are a popular choice because of their stylish look. The smooth surface is easy to clean.

Glass hobs are made out of ceramic glass that don’t heat up as quickly as ceramic hobs but are more precise and easier to control.

Ceramic and glass hobs scratch easily so if you don’t know how to clean them you could end up with a scratched hob.

  1. Remove loose pieces of food so you are left with only stubborn stains and burnt on food.
  2. Invest into cleaning product specially designed for ceramic or glass hobs. The fluid will have completely smooth texture to prevent scratches. Apply a small amount of the liquid onto the affected area.
  3. Allow the liquid to soak in for a few minutes, don’t leave it to dry completely.
  4. Using a clean microfibre cloth wipe clean.

Always read the directions on the label first before using a cleaning products. Try it on a small area first to see if there are any scratches.

To maintain a clean and shiny ceramic or glass hob you need to clean any spills as soon as possible, not allowing them to dry.

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