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Who would like the idea of washing dishes with a germ infested sponge. We list several cleaning methods helping you sanitise sponges and keeping them germ-free.

The Best Germ Killers

Mix 3/4 cup of bleach in 3.5 litres of water, soak sponges for five minutes. The bleach solution kills 99.9% of bacteria including E.coli, salmonella and pseudomonas.

Place sponges in with a normal cycle on your dishwasher. The hot temperatures will kill any germs.

Place wet sponges in a microwave on a high setting for two minutes. Make sure the sponges are wet and don’t have any metal fragments. Keep an eye on them as the sponge could burn if not wet enough. Be careful when removing sponges from microwave as they will be very hot.

When to Replace Sponges?

Even if you clean sponges regularly they won’t last forever. Clean them weekly and replace with new ones every two to eight weeks, depending on how much they are used.

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May 21, 2015
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