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Home radiators are one of the many to-do cleaning tasks when keeping on top of your house cleaning. You’ll agree that clean radiators look more attractive and not only that, they also function more efficiently when clean. The easiest way to keep your radiators clean is to dust and clean them regularly.  If left to themselves they will accumulate a lot of dust and dirt in hard to reach grooves, more so if you have a pet like dog or a cat. We prepared a handy list with tips on how to clean even hard to reach places.

  • Turn off your radiators and let them cool down first before starting to clean them
  • Protect your hand with rubber gloves and keep them clean
  • If you have an air canister why not use it to spray on hard to reach areas. Don’t forget to tape old newspapers on the wall behind the radiator and put some on the floor under it to catch the dirt and dust or use wet cloth which catches the dust and it won’t fly off
  • Those who don’t have air canister can use hair dryer or steam cleaner
  • To clean the dust off use your vacuum cleaner with crevice tool or small brush or buy radiator cleaning brush
  • To clean the wall behind the radiator use warm soapy water.
  • Never try to remove the panels on your electric radiator to prevent damage to the heating mechanism, instead clean around the panels
  • Make sure not to use abrasive materials to clean your radiators as these can damage and scratch the surface. To clean stubborn stains leave your cleaning solution on the stained area for a few minutes and then clean off with soft cloth or sponge.

Hot water radiators or steam radiators need the fins clean to be effective. If the fins are dirty and dusty your boiler will have to work harder to keep the system warm. To clean the fins first remove the front panel and then use your vacuum cleaner or a compressed air canister to clean the radiator.

We use steam cleaner for cleaning home radiators so why not save yourself some time and let us do the hard work.

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