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Is lime scale really as big of a threat as TV makes out? Do you need really need to buy lime scale preventing products to use in your washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances prone to lime scale? Let’s find out.


Prevention is really the most effective, practical and cost effective way how to keep your appliances lime scale free. To prevent lime scale setting on your taps wipe them clean with cloth after each time they get water drops on them. Regular house cleaning from professionals can also prevent build up of lime scale.

For dishwashers it’s best to use special salt products that prevent your dishwasher from damage.

No need to use chemicals

If you prefer not using chemicals in your home then you could use tried and tested tips from women like you. One of the best products is baking soda or citric acid. Apply one of these onto lime scale and leave for a bit (the more lime scale the longer you have to leave it working) and then rinse with clean water.

But beware!  Chrome taps can be damaged by these products, therefore it’s best to use products specially for chrome taps recommended by the manufacturer.

How to clean kettles

Kettles are prone to lime scale which also affects its performance – it takes longer for the water to boil. You can buy lime scale cleaning products specially for kettles. Unplug the kettle from the mains and taking it off the base. Fill up with hot or even boiling water half way. Pour the solution in and leave to work its magic. Follow the instructions on the packaging and don’t forget to rinse the kettle afterwards a few times.

What about washing machines

Even some manufacturers say that buying lime scale preventing products as you see on a TV is a waste of money. All they suggest is to use limes scale removers that contain citric acid because these not only clear away lime scale but also grease. Use these once every six months.

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