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Chewing gum

Who doesn’t love chewing gum every now and then, especially if you have kids you are used to chewing gums but how do you remove chewing gum in case you or the kids drop one on the carpet? We show you how with our guide. Read on to find out what are the three methods used to remove chewing gums from carpets.

How to remove chewing gum from your carpet

Ice cube method

  • Dab the ice cube on the chewing gum and leave for 1 minute (this will make the chewing gum hard and stiff to let you pull it off the carpet)
  • Remove the ice cube and carefully start pulling / peeling off the chewing gum (avoid tugging at the carpet or being rough)
  • After the gum has been removed, clean the area with warm water

  • If there are still some chewing gum bits left on the carpet, try using methyl salicylate (muscle pain reliever e.g. BenGay) to help remove the remaining bits

Ice filled bag method

  • Find plastic bag which is bigger than the gum spot and fill it with ice cubes and seal
  • Place the sealed bag on top of the gum and leave for at least 1 minute
  • The gum should be hard enough for you to gently peel it off
  • If there is still gum left, repeat placing the bag with ice on the chewing gum
  • After you remove all off the chewing gum, rinse the carpet with warm water

Hair dryer method

  • This method heats the gum to make it bendable so it can then be scraped away
  • Heat the gum but be careful not to burn the carpet fibres
  • When the gum has softened, gently start to pull it out of the carpet
  • Cover your hand in a plastic bag or wear rubber gloves so you can use your fingers to work the gum out of the carpet

Removing the remaining residue

  • Choose one of these: peanut butter, WD-40, oil soap or muscle pain reliever (BenGay)
  • Apply one of the above to the remaining chewing gum
  • Work it gently into the gum
  • Using a soft cloth blot or gently pull on the carpet fibres to remove the gum (you can also try using your fingernails)
  • Once the gum is removed clean the area to remove the residue from the cleaning product
  • Mix a small amount of soap / washing up liquid with warm water
  • Using a clean cloth blot the area using the solution until clean
  • Rinse and then blot dry using a clean cloth or paper towel
  • Allow the area to dry completely

Top tips for removing chewing gum from carpet

  • After the gum is hardened by the ice, use a spoon or dull knife to scrape the chewing gum away
  • Dispose of the removed chewing gum immediately before it softens and sticks to something else
  • Warm vinegar is also recommended for removing gums – apply a little bit to the gum, allow it to set for a while and then rinse with clean water
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