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Mud and grass stains

If you have small kids you are probably used to having mud and grass stains on your rugs and carpets. Our guide will help you to clean them.

Grass stains and mud stains need very different approach to properly clean them off your carpet. The best way to clean mud and grass stains is to use a two-part approach.

First, clean the mud stain, then clean the grass stain. This enables you to focus on one stain at a time without risking rubbing the stains into the carpet, which would prevent you from completely removing the stains. Always try to clean stains as quickly as possible. For best results, try not to rub stains into the carpet.

How to remove mud stains from carpet

  • Leave the mud to dry and try not to step on the mud or rub it into the carpet. You might find it hard to leave the mud to sit for several hours while it dries but it will be much easier to clean it when dry.
  • Scrape away or gently hoover any large pieces of mud, the majority of the mud should come up unless it was rubbed into the carpet
  • Use a carpet stain remover and follow the instructions
  • Rinse the area with a solution water and vinegar (5:1)
  • Blot dry using a clean white cloth / towel or paper towel

If the stain still remains you might want to try using your local carpet cleaner professional.

How to remove grass stains from carpet

  • Using a little bit of water and washing powder make a paste and place it over the grass stain and gently rub into the stain then leave for about 30 minutes
  • Using a clean water, rinse the paste from your carpet and blot dry using a clean white cloth / towel or paper towel
  • Spray your favourite carpet stain remover and follow the instructions
  • Blot dry again and check whether the stain is coming off, if it does continue to spray and blot another three – four times then rinse with water and blot dry
  • Rinse the carpet with a solution of water and vinegar (5:1) and then place a clean white towel over the spot, weigh down with a heavy object and keep until the towel absorbs all the moisture and the spot is dry

Don’t forget to always test the solutions or carpet stain removers on a small hidden area, never rub hard to avoid damaging your carpet fibres.

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