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Red wine stains

Our experienced Surrey cleaners came up with a list of 10 most common carpet stains and ‘first aid’ guide on how to remove them.

How to clean red wine stains while still fresh?

It happened to all of us, you have a nice glass of wine in the evening to rewind and accidentaly spill it on the carpet. So, what should you do in a first instance to make sure the stain doesn’t stay?

  • Blot the area with a dry cloth to extract all the liquid and stop it from sticking to the carpet fibres
  • Pour a little bit of white wine, yes wine – who would have thought it, onto the stained area; not too much as to not soak the carpet and prevent shrinking it
  • Leave the wine to work for a few moments
  • Rinse everything away with a little bit of water
  • Using ordinary or paper towel, remove as much water as possible

You can also use salt to remove red wine stains on carpet

  • Pour salt onto the stained area and then leave so the salt can soak up all the red wine
  • Leave the salt until it dries, hoovering or brushing it while still wet may cause the salt to enter the carpet fibres and stain could remain

Some suggest using a very powerful oxidising agents such as hydrogen peroxide or even bleach. Although these would probably remove the red wine stains without a problem, it may also remove the colour from the carpet so be aware.

If your red wine carpet stain is an old one then you will be better off using a professional carpet cleaning company rather then trying to clean the stain yourself using bleach or any other harsh chemicals that might damage your carpet.

Never ever scrub the carpet, you will damage the carpet fibres.

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March 06, 2012
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