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Vertical blinds can be tricky to wash because without proper care when washing they can lose their shape. Most people just take them to the dry cleaners. However cleaning vertical blinds yourself can be easy and effective.

Many vertical blinds state they can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees but fabric blinds can fray very easily. If you want to machine wash your vertical blinds, roll them up and put them in an empty pillow case, use a gentle wash cycle for woollens and delicates.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds with Warm Water

You may think that hot water cleans better but washing vertical blinds with hot water can melt the glue, unravelling the fold to expose the weight. Warm water is always a safe bet, it is just as efficient at removing stains, yet it won’t ruin. Because of its size it’s probably best to clean vertical blinds in a bathtub, basin or large bucket.

Drying Vertical Blinds

Always dry them naturally and flat. Never dry them in a dryer, the hot temperatures could cause them to shrink. The same goes for hanging the blinds to dry because each slat has a different amount of moisture, each slat will stretch the blinds to varying degrees. Always lay vertical blinds out on towels, leave them until they are completely dry before rehanging.

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