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Are you getting fed up with dusting every other day? Do you wonder whether to hoover, dust or steam clean your dusty areas? We’ll tell you how to dust quickly and easily; not only your floors and even let you in on a little secret tip how to clean your radiators and white window frames.

How to dust your floors

After one or two days after your last cleaning you start seeing little balls of dust and hair forming in the corners of the rooms. Sounds familiar? You could try a robotic hoover, they are a great helping hand and while you are at work they can hoover your carpets and hard floors so when you come home you can just relax.

If you buy the latest version, check whether they have an ultraviolet light which helps to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Mopping the floor two or three times a week to kill all the bacteria will be a thing of the past.

Think you still prefer bucket and mop?

These are also going through some changes, saving your time. One of the most common myths of mopping a floor is that if you use a really wet mop you also clean the floor better but that is not the case as too much water might damage your hard floor.

You might want to try EasyWring & Clean sets that have a mechanical wringing system for quicker floors cleaning and drying.

Do you feel that when you clean your hard floors there is some residue left? This might be caused by using too much cleaning solution or by water temperature. To clean wooden and hard floors you can just use one cap of your favourite cleaning detergent for 1 litre of water; don’t forget to follow the instructions. Use only half a cap for vinyl, laminate or linoleum floors. It might sound weird but do not use hot water but use luke warm.

How to dust your furniture

Go for a 3D microfibre cleaning cloth, they are effective and versatile, most are environmentally friendly and you can use them for cleaning grease and dirt in your kitchen or bathroom as well. Microfibre cloths are also great for cleaning your car, because of their soft and lint free material they are perfect for polishing paintwork and glass.

These cloths can hold 5 times their own weight in water making it useful for cleaning up spills.

For those greasy shelves and cupboards in your kitchen we would recommend using a steam cleaner or if you prefer use steam cleaning professionals. Steam cleaning is the easiest way to banish grease, dirt, even limescale. They get rid of oil and soap marks and also kill bacteria and can help with nasty smells. Using a steam cleaner is also environmentally friendly because you are cleaning with steam and there is no need to use cleaning detergents.

Top dusting tips

  • Dusty fabric or paper lamp shades – just use a pet hair remover sticky roller brush
  •  Dusty radiators – Put a damp cloth under the radiator and then using a hair dryer blow the dust from the radiator, it will fall onto the damp cloth and then you can just rinse the cloth
  • Dirty white plastic window frames – if standard cleaning products fail you can try orange oil

Let us know your dust busting tips and if you feel like leaving all the hard work to someone else why not try house cleaning services.

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