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Keep cleaning supplies together:

The key to speeding up your cleaning is having a quick and easy access to your cleaning supplies and cleaning tools. Then when it’s time to do some cleaning you don’t have to search for it. You could even create a cleaning basket for kitchen, bathroom etc. This way you will always know where your cleaning supplies are when you need them.

Pump the music up:

Mix your favourite songs that get you moving. High energy songs will make you move more quickly and you will have fun at the same time.

Clean your least favourite room first:

Think of the room that you always leave until last to clean and this time start with it first. The sooner you clean your least favourite room the better you will feel. Clean the least liked rooms at the beginning, when you are most motivated. After this, every other room will be a piece of cake.

Don’t clean just to clean:

Why waste time and energy cleaning things that don’t need to be cleaned. If you haven’t used a room since last cleaning then why move everything around to clean what’s already clean? Some rooms might get used more frequently than others, clean your least used rooms once a fortnight.

Clean as you go:

When there’s a mess, spill or dirty floor, clean it up there and then. You will save a lot of time in the long run. Wipe food spills and splatters before they harden.

Don’t overuse cleaners:

Using too much cleaner could damage some household surfaces. If you don’t rinse the cleaner or wipe clean, your surfaces might collect even more dust and dirt and you could be left with a residue.

Don’t forget that cleaners don’t work instantly. Leave it to penetrate all the dirt, grime or limescale for several minutes and then wipe away.

Top to bottom:

Clean the top surfaces first to avoid dripping cleaner or dust settling over surfaces that you just cleaned.

Put cleaning supplies away:

So your next cleaning can be speedy as this one, put your cleaning supplies and tools away neatly to be ready for your next clean.

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