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Using your vacuum cleaner properly can make a huge difference to your floors and the cleanliness of your home. You may be vacuuming the wrong way without even realizing it. 

Empty the bag regularly

You shouldn’t wait until the bag is full before emptying it. To keep your vacuum operating at maximum efficiency you should empty it after each use or when it’s about two-thirds full.

Vacuum in both directions

If you are hoovering carpets in one direction you may not pick up all the dust and debris particles. You should vacuum in all directions, ensuring that you lift all the dirt and dust hiding out in carpet fibers. Pay extra attention to high traffic areas.

Use the right attachment

Attachment tools have been specifically developed and designed to make cleaning hard to reach places easier. Struggling with vacuuming dirt along the edges of the carpet? Use the crevice tool.

Dust before vacuuming

You should always dust before vacuuming otherwise you’ll just sweep all the dust onto your cleaned and hoovered floors.

Move your furniture

Dirt, dust and crumbs can pile up quickly under sofas or beds; even more so if you have a pet. Put in a little extra work once a month and vacuum beneath beds, chairs, sofas and other furniture you can move safely.

Maintain your vacuum

It’s imperative to maintain your vacuum regularly. Clean and replace filters according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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