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Your lockdown cleaning checklist

Another lockdown is upon us, we completely understand if you feel like staying on the sofa and watching Netflix. But you could use the time in lockdown to thoroughly clean your home, organise and make your home as cosy as possible for the long winter ahead.

Having a clean house helps your mental health and improves your mood. You can finally tick off all those cleaning jobs from your to-do list and beat boredom.

Kitchen cleaning checklist

1. Clean inside and outside of your kitchen cupboards

2. Organise the contents of your kitchen cupboards

3. Wipe dust and grime from the top of kitchen units

4. Deep clean your oven

5. Sort and clean your cutlery draw

6. Organise and clean your fridge

7. Defrost and re-organise your freezer

8. Wash the inside of all household bins

9. Clean the inside of your washing machine and soap dispenser

10. Clean the inside of your dishwasher

11. Clean inside and outside of your microwave

12. Descale your kettle

Bathroom cleaning checklist

1. Clean the grout using an old toothbrush

2. Clean and organise bathroom cabinets

3. Remove the shower head and clean the limescale

4. Wash shower curtains in a washing machine

5. Clean limescale from toilet

6. Clean bathroom windows

Living room cleaning checklist

1. Vacuum under the sofas

2. Dust / rearrange picture ledges

3. Wash door frames

4. Dust book spines

5. Wipe clean house plants

6. Dust skirting cupboards

7. Wash the curtains

8. Vacuum cobwebs

Bedrooms cleaning checklist

1. Vacuum the mattress

2. Wipe clean the blinds

3. Dust off clothes hangers

4. Polish dressing tables

5. Clean the radiators

6. Vacuum under the bed

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